Blogger VS WordPress

No I am not crazy! I know what many of you are saying…is this even a question? Well for beginner business owners, affiliate marketers, or newbie bloggers it is definitely a question on their mind. Which blogging platform is better, Blogger or WordPress? This is one of those questions that requires a detailed analysis and detailed report, but we will try to present some basic pros and cons so that you know at least basic things. Well let’s see.

Blogger Perks

Blogger or as many people know it as BlogSpot is owned by Google and it can have its perks. Not only can you have a free blog, but you can have a custom domain for free. There is no need to submit your blog to Google, they will track your post and keep them active in the search engines. There are also features to help with affiliate marketing with AdSense. Ads will show up on your page and you will receive a portion of the proceeds if the link is accessed from your blog. Wow right? Well hold on to your seats because WordPress blogs have their perks too!

WordPress Takes Us All By a Surprise

When you are a seasoned online worker, a blogger, home business, entrepreneur and etc. WordPress is basically all you hear about. It is like if you do not own a WordPress blog your business will fail completely. But what has made WordPress so popular and sought out? Could it be the beautiful themes that can be provided free or bought at a reasonable cost? Or possibly is it the fact that they too offer free custom domains that are hosted by Wait. I forgot to mention that offers online workers the opportunity to host their own blog and have total control. With the new SEO plugins and the easy flow of WordPress widgets all together, it is increasingly growing in popularity and has become many online workers first choice.

Test out Both?

So again, Blogger vs WordPress, which one is for you? Why not test out both blog platforms to see which one works for you? Do remember that has to be hosted by you or another hosting company, while offers free sites that they will host for you. Blogger or known too many as BlogSpot offers customized domain names and like you can get started right away for free.

Now it all depends on what you like and what you want. Either way, both of these are good, while WordPress takes the first place slightly. However, if you decide to go with Blogger, you will not be dissapointed, you would probably need some more time to get used to it since it is a bit complex than WordPress. But I guess it is only a matter of design – you will definitely be satisfied with both of these services, no matter which one you decide to use.